Defence Reserves Division

Reserve Force service is military service rendered by citizens of the country on a voluntary basis. The members of the Reserve either serve within the structure of an allocated unit or in accordance with a professional and skills requirement programme. Under normal circumstances the period of service will vary according to an agreed contract between the Reserve Force member and the SANDF.

The Defence Reserves Division is to provide specialized policy and overall strategic direction for provision of Combat Ready Reserves. In so doing the Defence Reserves Division enables the Arms of Service and Divisions to rejuvenate, transform and promote the Defence Reserves Service System. The Chief of Defence Reserves is required to participate in all strategic functional Forums at SANDF/DOD level. By means of the “core growth one Force” doctrine the Defence Reserves System contributes to the establishment and sustainment of fully deployable (both internal and external) Combat Ready Defence Reserves. Chief Defence Reserves has an obligation to brief relevant Parliamentary Select Committees (on invitation by the minister of Defence and Military Veterans) at least yearly on the status quo of the SANDF Reserve Force.

Chief Defence Reserves is the principal Reserve Force adviser at both level 0 and 1.This advisory function manifests in membership of the Military Command Council (MCC), the Plenary Defence Staff Council (PDSC) and other levels 1 and 2 councils and boards which include the Accountability Management Council (AMC), Military Finance Management Council (MCFMC) and Weekly Defence Staff Council (WDSC). The Defence Reserves Division is located at Defence HQ and it is administratively accountable to the Chief of Staff (CoS). Chief Defence Reserves utilises the Defence Reserve Board (DRB) and Defence Reserve Workshop (DRW) at level 2 in order to liaise and coordinate with Services, Divisions and the Reserve Force Council (RFC). The Provincial Offices (PO’s) are regional extensions, under the command of Chief Defence Reserves.